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LMCS: Remote Minehunting

Product Description

The Littoral Mine Countermeasure SONAR (LMCS) System by EdgeTech is an advanced mine and underwater IED hunting system. With its flexible design, the system can be configured for a variety of host vessels including small boats, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV’s) and larger patrol craft. The LMCS combines EdgeTech’s proprietary Dynamically Focused and Multi-Pulse side scan sonar technologies to provide exceptional swath coverage and ultra high resolution imagery. The system can be delivered on both conventional and active towfish, depending on operational requirements. The result is an affordable, custom tailored, state-of-the-art, and commercial off the shelf (COTS)mine warfare sonar system.

The LMCS System employs EdgeTech's proprietary Dynamically Focused and Multi-Pulse side scan sonar technologies that provide exceptional swath coverage and ultra high resolutions.  The LMCS System is outfitted with a 600/1600 kHz dual frequency sonar. The 600 kHz frequency utilizes both the Multi-Pulse technology and Dynamically Focused transducers for high resolution mine detection at ranges up to 125 meters per side for a 250 meter swath at speeds up to 14 knots. The 1600 kHz frequency utilizes Dynamically Focused transducers for detailed classification and identification of mine- and IED-like targets with resolutions down to 0.8 cm. This rapidly-deployable system provides real-time sonar images allowing operators the ability locate, classify, mark and record mine-like objects and underwater terrain features. The system can also be configured to detect buried mine-like objects.

The LMCS is available on a variety of platforms configured to user requirements. The Standard System comes installed in a conventional towfish. The Maneuverable Tow Body version is an active, towed platform with actuated fins and control loop software that maintains the sonar at optimal depth and line following with precise steadiness for the finest sonar imagery. The Powered Tow Body variant is a ‘towed UUV’ that provides the maximum decoupling of the sonar from the motions of the surface vessel and actually allow the system to “fly” directly below or eventually in front of the ‘tow’ vessel. With optional modules the Powered Tow Body can be converted quickly aboard ship to true autonomous systems (UUV’s), able to collect mine and terrain imagery remotely.  Maneuverable Tow Body, Powered Tow Body and UUV variants were all developed by Vehicle Control Technologies (VCT).

All units are able to provide real-time sonar imagery for manned and unmanned surface craft. One-man or remote launch and recovery systems are available.


  • Ultra high resolution
  • Long range search capability
  • High speed data collection
  • Multi-Pulse technology
  • Dynamically Focused transducers
  • Dual Frequency
  • Steady platforms
  • One man deployments


  • Change Detection
  • High Speed/Long Range Surveys
  • Mine Countermeasures (MCM)
  • Mine-Like Target Detection & Classification (Underwater IEDs)