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USBL BATS Portable System

Product Description

The BATS Portable System consists of a Signal Interface Module housed rugged splash proof enclosure. BATS Portable can be connected with a PC or laptop running the ORE Trackman software.

The use of Broadband Acoustic Technology provides exceptional range and tracking performance. The software is user friendly and intuitive.

The system interface is Ethernet TCP/IP to a PC running a compatible Windows operating system.


  • BATS Portable is an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) Acoustic Tracking System
  • BATS Portable is used for long range acoustic underwater tracking
  • BATS Portable comes in a rugged splash proof enclosure
  • BATS Portable Uses Broadband ‘chirp’ based acoustic technology
  • Communicates with Laptop or PC via Ethernet connection
  • Highly accurate long range tracking
  • Medium and Low Frequency versions available


  • Long Range Acoustic Underwater Tracking
  • Tracking TOWFISH, Deepwater ROVs, AUVs, Manned/Unmanned Subs